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Dobar dan!

Ciao prijatelji, Kako si? Jo dobro. Pula je lijepa grada i ja ucim hrvastki i ja radit cu in Radio Giardini (in hrvatski!!)

Vidimo se. Pusa.


I had a a doubt about going to Dublin or London…finally I´ve choosen London..but I´m going there in October and will rest there one year, but first I´m going to Pula (you can see the picture). I´m a lucky person because I´ve a grant to work as a journalist in Pula (Istria, Croacy).I will be in Pula three months (19 May to 11 August). The three first week I will learn croatian (I have lesson 6 hours a day) and trips to know the region. After, I will work in a radio, because in Pula, the first tongue is the italian. I´m very very very happy. I will tell yuo all.