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Press freedom

I´m going to speak about the world press freedom-

In the last year 95 journalist killed, 127 in prison and 875 was arrested.

To remember the importance the press freedom, each 3 o May is celebrated the World Press Freedom Day.

The World Press Freedom Day started in a african journalist meeting in 1991, in Namibia. In this meeting was established the conditions to the

the press freedom, pluralism and independenc of the african mass media.

These year, in October, to recognize this effort, the UNESCO established the day of 3 of May World Press Freedom Day

This year, the Wold Newspaper Association (wan) dedicate his effort in freedm press in China..

Since the Games were awarded, media restrictions ordered by the government and the Communist Party have grown.

Censors still issue day-to-day “guidance” on exactly what can be reported in print, on the air, and on the Internet in all its manifestations—Web sites, blogs, message boards.

Timothy Balding, director Wold Newspaper Association ,said that over 30 journalists and 50 cíber disidentes are in jail in China, for that, this is the country more journalist jairler in the world

Unless things change, and soon, reporters who venture beyond the Olympic Village should be prepared to work in an environment where official interference and detentions of journalists are common and sources are at risk.

Now I would speak about of some famous mourder journalist

ANNA Politkovskaya made her name reporting from lawless Chechnya, where many journalists and humanitarian workers have been kidnapped or killed.

She was arrested and subjected to mock execution by Russian military forces there, and she was poisoned on the way to Beslan, but survived and continued her reporting.

She authored several books about Chechen wars as well as Putin´s Russia and received numerous prestigious international awards for her work.

She was shot dead in the elevator of her apartment building two years ago.

But we can speak about Spaniards, too.

In the last years there are two famous cases:

On 8 april 2003, José Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television station Telecinco, died after a U.S. tank fired a shell at Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel, , where most journalists in the city were based during the war

In one hour they attacked Al yazzera, Abu dhabi tv and the Palestina Hotel, that is, all the press that the Pentagono did´tn control.

His family want that the court recognize that was a war crim.

Finally, I would like to speak about José Luis López de la Calle.

On 7 May 2000, José Luis López de la Calle, of El Mundo, was gunned down in a hail of bullets

José Luis López de Lacalle, 62, was shot four times in the head and stomach on May 7 in the Basque town of Andoain as he hurried home through the rain, covering his head with the Sunday newspapers. López de Lacalle, a retired attorney who was jailed for his leftist activities during the Franco dictatorship, wrote for the Basque edition of El Mundo.

In his columns, he accused the ETA of using the same kind of terror tactics employed by Franco. Despite death threats and the fire bombing of his home in February, he had refused a bodyguard.

Editors at several papers in Madrid and the Basque capital of San Sebastián were sent letter bombs or received bomb threats.

The purpose of the attacks is to stop critical reporting on the ETA.

The power of freedom press is the reason which Napoleon said that he rather to control of newspaper than the armoured in fight.