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Spain, number 1

The spanish consumption of cocaine and marihuana is in the top. Cannabis is the most popular drug between young people. The annual report of Bpservatory European of Drugs and Toxics inform that the 20% young people smokes a joint last year.

A lot of people defend the therapeutic use of cannabis. Raphel Mechoulan, for example. He is pionering in investigate this therapeutics applications. Mechoulan assures that the THC (main component of this plant) improves the humour, reduces the vomits and counters effects of alzheimer or parkinson. Even, the THC is good to people with depression or anxiety.

In addition, in Holland, where is legal the send and cosumption of cannabis in special coffe, is the firs chemist dedicate only the cannabis with therapeutics objectives.

On the other hand, people against the legalize the cannabis. Arguments: encouraging any drug taking is a bad thing, cannabis can lead to harder drugs, smoking cannabis is bad for the health…

Last impactant news is Fabrice Veriel case. The french pilot has been prosecute for involuntary homicide get worse for use of cannabis when runs over a child in a rally.

To finish with this text, the spanish case. The Congress refuses a proposal of IU-ICV to no punishment smoke a ojint in the street. To IU-ICV is unfair because other drugs are legal (tobacco, alcohol). But the proposal was refused for 35 votes against and only one a favour.

This taboo to be continued…