MATSUYAMA (Tokyo) is where I can take the foto that is int he head. I liked a lot of his trip around Tokyo and Kyoto, and sure I will back.

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  1. of course i remember you! how is croatia??? can i hear you on the radio???

  2. dobar dan! kako si? Ja sam dobro.
    Croacia is great, Im live near Anfiteatro, molto bello.
    The city is quite, a bit old, but fine. Im learning Croatian, is difficult but I liked it.
    I will work in Radio Giardini, but they don´t broadcasting by internet…
    This week I´m in Valencia because I have an english exam in the EOI, tomorrow writting and finally week oral (i´m not very confident because my pronunciation…you know…) and next weekend Im going to Croacia again until September and in October I´m going to London one year more or less to learn english of course…always english..
    And you, all ok?
    pusa (kiss)

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