London or Dublin?

This is my big question in this moment.

I´ve decided that in July I´m going abroad to learning english, and, more or less, I will work one year. That is clear, but I don´t know where go. I´ve searched information on internet and I thik that the best is, to start,  work in a hotel. It will better London or Dublin?.

Can your help me, please?,

Thank you


One response to “London or Dublin?

  1. Always London.

    In that question I can’t be impartial. I have too many beautiful memories in London. I have not been in Dublin, but, in my opinion, London is the most alive city in the world.

    Sto preparando la mia prossima avventura. Sarà in settembre. Andrò da Valencia fino Capo Nord, in Norvegia, in treno. Dopo ritornerò da Stocolma in un’aereo low cost.


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